Missing Student Notification Policy

Effective Date

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Office of Primary Responsibility

Sexual Respect

Affected Parties

All Students

Policy Statement

The Clery Act requires institutions that maintain on-campus housing facilities to establish a missing student notification policy and related procedures. The term “missing student” refers to any Dartmouth student who is residing in on-campus student housing who is reported missing from the residence. Students have the option to designate a missing student emergency contact who will be notified by Dartmouth College if the student has been missing for 24 hours.

Missing Student Policy Statement

Consistent with the Clery Act, Dartmouth has established the following policy: 

Any individual who believes that a currently enrolled Dartmouth student is missing should immediately notify the Director of Safety and Security by calling the Department of Safety and Security at (603) 646-4000.  Following receipt of this information, the Department will commence an investigation. Should the investigation result in the conclusion that the student is missing, and has been missing for 24 hours, the Department will notify the Hanover Police and/or the appropriate local law enforcement agency, as well as the student’s emergency contact within a span of time not to exceed 24 hours from the time the student was determined to be missing.  If the missing student is under the age of 18, and not an emancipated individual, the Department will notify the student’s parent or legal guardian immediately after the Department of Safety and Security determines that the student is missing, in addition to notifying the contact person designated by the student.

Upon receipt of information that a student might be missing, the Department of Safety and Security will enlist the aid of various College departments to assist in determining if the student is in fact missing. These various College departments include, but are not limited to, Residential Life, the Undergraduate Deans Office, the Dean of the College Office, Dining Services, Information Technology Services, and others as needed.

In the event a student is missing, the student’s emergency contact information will be accessed and notification made to this individual within 24 hours using the student provided information. 

Missing Student Emergency Contact

All students living in on-campus housing can confidentially identify and register one or more individuals to be contacted if the student is determined to be missing.  The contact person may be anyone, including, but not limited to, the person the student has otherwise identified as an emergency contact.  Students may register and update this contact information on Banner, the student records system, during the required “check in period” each term they are enrolled. This information is accessible to Dartmouth Safety and Security in the event that an on-campus student is determined to be missing. The contact information will be registered confidentially, accessible only to authorized campus officials, and it will not be disclosed, except to law enforcement personnel to further a missing person investigation.