Off-Campus Resources

Private vs. Confidential Resources

On this page, resources are denoted either "Private" or "Confidential." 

Private Resources are required to promptly share a disclosure of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, or other form of sexual misconduct with the Title IX Coordinator, or Deputy Coordinators. The Title IX Coordinator, or Deputy Coordinator then works to ensure that the individual feels safe and supported and has access to all of the available resources and support structures the College offers. 

Confidential Resources may not share your information without your expressed consent unless there is imminent danger to self or others or as otherwise required by law (e.g., mandatory reporting for sexual violence against minors).



24 hour crisis hotline: 866 348 9473

38 Bank Street, West Lebanon, NH

WISE provides advocacy and crisis services to those affected by domestic and sexual violence and stalking.

All WISE services are free and confidential.

WISE Dartmouth--Connections


Planned Parenthood – White River Junction

79 S. Main Street, White River Junction, VT

802 281 6056



Anonymous Reporting

Dartmouth Compliance & Ethics Hotline

Call 888 497 0516 or submit a report to

Dartmouth contracts with an independent, third-party (Ethicspoint) to handle anonymous reports.