Private Resources

All of the individuals listed in this section are a resource to students, faculty, and staff, and are required to promptly share a disclosure of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, or other form of sexual misconduct with the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator then works to ensure that the individual feels safe and supported and has access to all of the available resources and support structures the College offers. 

These private, non-confidential disclosures will be shared with individuals on a need-to-know basis or as required by law. Private resources include the Title IX Coordinator, faculty, coaches, undergraduate deans, residential life staff, and those individuals not designated as confidential.


Dartmouth Campus Title IX Coordinators

Title IX Coordinator

Kristi Clemens

Parkhurst Hall 005

603 646 0922  [email protected]

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Intake

Gary Sund

Parkhurst Hall 005

603 646 0922  [email protected]

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Training

Sophia Brelvi

Parkhurst Hall 005

603 646 0922  [email protected]


    Deputy Title IX Coordinators for Undergraduate Students

    Kristene Kelly


    Senior Associate Athletics Director for Varsity Sports

    6083 Alumni Gym

    603 646 1427  [email protected]

    Francine A'Ness

    Associate Director

    Guarini Institute for International Education

    603 646 1202  [email protected]


    All Faculty, Staff & Coaches

    Undergraduate Deans Office

    Carson Hall, Suite 125

    603 646 2243  [email protected]

    Residential Life

    Assistant Directors of Residential Education and UGA’s  

    603 646 1491  [email protected]

    Student Wellness Center

    Robinson Hall, 3rd Floor 

    603 646 9414 

    Office of Pluralism & Leadership (OPAL)

    Collis, Suite 211

    603 646 0987  [email protected]

    Office of Judicial Affairs

    5 Rope Ferry Road, 2nd Floor

    603 646 3482  [email protected]

    Institutional Diversity & Equity

    Parkhurst Hall, Suite 06

    603 646 3197  Institutional.Diversity.&[email protected]