Report an Incident

Dartmouth recognizes that deciding to make a report, either to the College or law enforcement, and choosing how to proceed are difficult decisions. The College supports and encourages prompt reporting of sexual assault, gender-based harassment, domestic or dating violence and stalking. A report can be made by anyone who knows about the incident.

At the time a report is made, an individual need not know whether they wish to request any particular course of action, nor how to label what happened. Choosing to make a complaint, and deciding how to proceed after making the complaint, can be a process that unfolds over time.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form

Title IX Office at Dartmouth College

If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, sexual or gender-based harassment, dating or domestic violence, or stalking, please reach out to the Title IX office for guidance and support.

The College encourages individuals to make a report or file a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator. If an individual chooses to move forward with a formal complaint, the Title IX Coordinator will work with the Office of Community Standards and Accountability to initiate the College's disciplinary process and investigation.

An individual can also report to the Department of Safety and Security or the Office of Community Standards and Accountability. If the report is received by the Department of Safety and Security or the Office of Community Standards and Accountability, they will promptly notify the Title IX Coordinator.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form

Decide Whether to Make a Report

Dartmouth encourages all individuals to make a report to the College and to local law enforcement. These options are not mutually exclusive; both internal and criminal reports may be pursued simultaneously. Reporting Persons and witnesses are encouraged to speak with a Confidential Resource before deciding how to proceed.

Anyone with knowledge about an incident are strongly encouraged to make a report as soon as possible, though a report can be made at any time. A delay in reporting may impact the College's ability to respond promptly and effectively or to take disciplinary action against an individual.

Title IX Formal Complaint Form

Request Supportive Measures

The College may implement Supportive Measures as appropriate for the individuals or organizations involved and for the larger College community. Even when an individual does not specifically request that protective action is taken, the College may choose to impose Supportive Measures at its discretion to ensure the safety of any individual, the broader college community or the integrity of the review process.

Supportive Measures may include but are not limited to:

  • Access to counseling and support resources;

  • Access to academic accommodations, including extensions, rescheduling of exams, and withdrawals; 

  • Change in campus housing;

  • Change in work schedule;

  • Implementation of a "no contact order" or trespass letter; and

  • Restrictions on team or organization participation or activity.

To request supportive measures, contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Make a Criminal Complaint to Law Enforcement

The College strongly encourages a Reporting Person to file a report with local law enforcement. The Hanover Police Department (HPD) is a 24 hour agency that maintains on-call investigators. HPD can meet with a Reporting Person to answer questions about the criminal reporting process. 

To learn what your reporting options are, or to initiate a criminal investigation, contact HPD by calling (603) 643-2222. HPD will review the following options for reporting:

Receive information only.

  • HPD will explain how a Reporting Person has the option to provide a formal statement about the incident so that the information is preserved until the Reporting Person is ready to seek additional investigative services.
  • No additional investigation needs to occur simply because a Reporting Person gives a statement to HPD. A Reporting Person can choose to provide a statement and have nothing more done for a criminal investigation process. 

Initiate a partial investigation.

  • HPD will complete a cursory investigation only.  This type of investigation will be limited in scope and may include completing interviews with the Responding Person as well as identified key witnesses, or the collection evidence.
  • The Reporting Party still has the option of requesting a partial investigation and then choosing not to continue with the criminal process any further.  This further allows for the preservation of information and evidence without committing the Reporting Person to having a full criminal investigation completed or prosecution sought.  

Conduct a complete criminal investigation.

  • HPD will fully investigate the incident and refer the case to the Grafton County Attorney for prosecutorial consideration.
  • At any point in all of the options the Reporting Person retains the right to instantly have the investigation suspended, regardless of where in the investigative process HPD might be.  This allows the Reporting Person to have control over the investigation based on where they may find themselves in the recovery and coping process.

Contact the Department of Safety and Security at (603) 646-4000 for assistance with making a report to law enforcement.

The criminal process is separate from the Dartmouth student disciplinary process. A Reporting Person can pursue one, both, or neither options. The College will assist the Reporting Person to file a report and collaborate with law enforcement. 

The Title IX Coordinator, the Department of Safety and Security, and the Director of the Office of Community Standards and Accountability, will provide Reporting Persons with information concerning their options and rights and will assist them in making reports to law enforcement.


Anonymous Reporting

Any individual may make an anonymous report concerning an act of sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking. An individual may report the incident without disclosing their name, identifying the Responding Person, or requesting any action. Depending on the extent of information available, the College's ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited.

Dartmouth Compliance & Ethics Hotline

Call 888 497 0516 or submit a report to

Dartmouth contracts with an independent, third-party (Ethicspoint) to handle anonymous reports.

Safety & Security Anonymous Reporting Form

Use this form to report any information on a crime or other matter that may be of interest to the Dartmouth College Department of Safety and Security.

The Title IX Coordinator will receive the anonymous report and will determine any appropriate response, including individual or community remedies. In consultation with the Director of Safety and Security the Title IX Coordinator will determine if the anonymous report includes sufficient information to submit a Clery Crime Report.